The bathroom is a very important room in the house. Itโ€™s the multi-functioning space where we prepare for the day ahead, go to seek some solitude and wash off the day, and is one of the most used spots in the home.

The vanity sets the scene for the style and design of your bathroom. There are a number of factors that determine the perfect bathroom vanity. Consideration must be given to how many people use it, how big the space is, the ages of your family members and how long you will reside in the home. Despite these different considerations we believe that practicality should always be at the core of decision-making.

The number of people using a bathroom may determine how many basins you have in the vanity and the overall size of the vanity. Whether freestanding, built in or wall mounted, your choice of vanity should accommodate the type of basin and your overall space and storage requirements. Basins can be inset, top mounted or semi recessed into the vanity.

The age of the people using a bathroom and vanity is also a necessary consideration. The vanity may need to be accessible for small children and user friendly for the elderly.

Bathrooms are not usually the largest room in the house and so storage space is generally at a minimum. Hansen Kitchens can provide you with storage solutions that will maximise every bit of space.

Regardless of whether you are renting, own your own place or are planning your next renovation, keeping it simple is key as function should be paramount, and at Hansen Kitchens we can help make it a space youโ€™ll want to escape to.